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@tootapp Thanks for taking a look! We'll update the status code. Hm, you shouldn't need to login for the public timeline, returns A-ok without logging into toot! Happy to make you an account for debugging. If you're up for it, we're on Discord (, IRC, whatever you'd like to help debug.

@tootapp I thought that might be the case, so I did a diff between Mastodon's /timeline/public and our /timeline/public. One thing I noticed was that Mastodon's dates were precise the the microsecond, so I tried tweaking that, no change. There are a couple optional fields that we specify that mastodon doesn't usually, but everything else _looks_ identical. toot's the only client having trouble loading the timeline at the moment :(

@tootapp Would you be able to help us with compatibility with toot!? The Takahe API is mastodon-compatible and works with most clients, but toot! is showing users a blank timeline and we're not getting any errors on our end.

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It's been a lot of work, but Takahē 0.6 is finally here!

Among other features, this includes initial Mastodon Client API support (for existing client apps), custom emoji support, reporting and moderation queues, and a lot of UI and efficiency improvements.

There's still plenty more to do, but we're excited to get to a point where a new community could be run on Takahē. We'll be opening up registrations soonish too!

A possible new look for Takahe posts coming soon, moving the actions to the bottom and showing the total # of likes and boosts. Plus, a slightly tweaked, more compressed view for small screens.

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@remko I have high hopes for @takahe - still in early development but it's looking very promising already

@takahe @case @simon @edmistond sqlite supports multiple concurrent readers, and works fine with multiple writers (one holds the write lock and the rest just wait). It works fine for single person instances. I added the sqlite tests, but keep in mind it's not a focus of the project at the moment.

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We may never be able to match the incredible achievements of , but the European Union still plays its part!

We are proud funders of Mastodon through the Next Generation Internet initiative (@EC_NGI).

Trust based.

More info:

@silverpill Your handling of the Accept header in /src/activitypub/ appears to be broken when given more than one option, causing* not to redirect to* when searched by post URL from some clients like Takahe. Try `http GET "" "Accept:application/activity+json, application/ld+json`

Testing better image compression in Takahe _and_ getting to post pet pictures? Win/win!

Edited 1y ago

ChatGPT is trained on surprisingly recent data, it could even (mostly) explain one of my open source projects!

@andrew @takahe if anyone has experience with accessibility UX, please come chat in the thread in discord! We're learning as we go and the documented recommendations don't always line up with reality.

@andrew just informed me the new Dwarf Fortress comes with a tutorial. Goodbye all productivity.

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We are creating a curated 💅 and opinionated list of amazing ✨ Sphinx extensions that we want to make more visible for our users. Each of them has a small page with a live usage example and a pretty minimal configuration ⚙️ setup. Check them out at 🔗 sphinx-extensions.readthedocs.!

@webology Same! I used AWS for years, now I use dokku (a heroku clone) for my side projects. $200 a month for a dedicated box gets me 2x 512GB nvme drives, 4x 6TB spinning disk, AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 3600, 64 GB RAM, 1Gbps up & down, "unlimited" bandwith. Not the best deal but as a primarily storage server running minio (for ML models) the saving in egress alone blows AWS out of the water. Best part, it's in a data center 10 minutes away!

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New blog post, "Understanding A Protocol", in which I discuss my experience implementing ActivityPub and the next steps for @takahe.

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We've released Takahē version 0.5!

Image posting and hashtags are the headline improvements this time around, but there's plenty of smaller fixes. We're going to spend the next few weeks focusing on stability and community-required features, so people can start using it with more trust!

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KDE's End of Year 💰💰 is officially open! Your will help us reach our goals, support our community, fund our events, and show the whole world 🌍 how everybody can benefit from KDE software.

@simon I've started doing the inverse too - I make the commands and help messages hyperlinks to the online docs using Rich,

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@soapdog maybe not minimal but it's small enough (and in a technology stack that I am deeply familiar with) that it's my current favourite for reading to understand how everything works: @takahe

@takahe Woohoo! And sorry to everyone whose installs just broke because I decided to mess with the settings :P

Heroku/Dokku/ buildpack support for Takahe,

Beta instance of Takahe up and running on dokku! Find a guide here: