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This is a private Takahe community for Tyler Kennedy and friends.

This community runs a beta fork of Takahe and may have bugs and undocumented features.

Recent Posts

Borrowed a trick used in @jcristharif's fantastic msgspec library and orjson to speed up loading ASCII strings in JSON documents, bringing py_yyjson juuuust ahead of msgspec and juuuuust behind orjson for string-heavy benchmarks in the updated

Upcoming pysimdjson v6.0.0 release brings improved memory safety and up to 45% improvement in Python object creation times for string-heavy benchmarks (so far!) (cc. @lemire)

Testing out KDE's new mastodon client Tokodon with Takahe. Rapidly improved from crashing at auth (and never launching again) to fully functional in just a few weeks.

Made some new shrine and spirit tokens to run with my Magic The Gathering shrine deck. Stable Diffusion is incredible for just starting with a sketch and filling in the details, and a game changer for games like DnD.

Flask-Babel v3.0.0 has been released with numerous improvements (and some breaking changes!) Time to find out how many of the 15k dependencies on GitHub haven't pinned their dependencies!

@tootapp Is there a way to tell Toot! to hide the search sidebar if search is disabled?

@tootapp @takahe First successful post on Takahe from the Toot! iOS client :)

@tootapp Would you be able to help us with compatibility with toot!? The Takahe API is mastodon-compatible and works with most clients, but toot! is showing users a blank timeline and we're not getting any errors on our end.

A possible new look for Takahe posts coming soon, moving the actions to the bottom and showing the total # of likes and boosts. Plus, a slightly tweaked, more compressed view for small screens.

@silverpill Your handling of the Accept header in /src/activitypub/ appears to be broken when given more than one option, causing* not to redirect to* when searched by post URL from some clients like Takahe. Try `http GET "" "Accept:application/activity+json, application/ld+json`